I’m Hallie Miranne, an elementary school lunch lady by day, and wife navigating early motherhood by night. I have a passion for nutritious meals, warm hospitality, natural living, and a well kept home.

If you are looking for kid friendly recipes, minimalist home decor, non-toxic cleaning regimes, clean personal care products, or just the community of other working moms trying to do it all, then you are in the right place.

After 8 years in the grueling restaurant world, I wanted a more family friendly way to utilize my skill as a chef. I’ve cooked in fine dining restaurants, luxury hotels, and my own brick and mortar bakery- but there’s nothing quite like cooking scratch-made meals for 600 children every day (Although the children I serve are often just as picky as the wealthy patrons I had been accustomed to!).

Before chef I am a wife, a homemaker, a homebody, and now a mom. Motherhood has made it more important to me than ever that the products I use in my home and on my body are safe and harmless. Utilizing many of the same skills I’ve cultivated in the kitchen, I also create my own non-toxic cleaning supplies and skin care products that promise all the luxury with none of the bad stuff (and they require a much smaller budget!).

Follow along on this blog or Instagram @lifeofalunchlady to join me at the kitchen counter, the dinner table, or where ever else this takes us!